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Red hot Chile LPG trucks

We sure didn't have to wait long for more autogas-related news to come out of Chile. Soon after we announced the advent of new LPG technology, the first fleet of vehicles underpinned with it has hit the streets. Be sure to read more!
Gasco's Freightliner S2G LPG-powered truck© KauffmanThe Freightliner S2G is one of the largest autogas-powered vehicles in the world. Or should we say: truckgas-powered?

It's only been weeks since we informed you of liquid-state LPG injection technology coming to Chile, marketed as best-suited for high-power trucks and other commercial vehicles and there you go – Gasco will use a fleet of Freightliner S2G autogas-powered trucks to distribute... well, LPG! This may well be a coincidence, but then it may just as well not be. Food for thought, huh? But seriously, using autogas for such a huge vehicle can yield some huge advantages, too!

Moving from diesel oil, typical fuel in this class of vehicles, to autogas provides dramatic improvement on the emissions front – particulate matter output drops by 70%, carbon monoxide is reduced by 60% and nitrogen oxides by 20%. But that's not all – CO2 and noise emissions are significantly cut down, too, as are maintenance costs. And not just in terms of fuel, but also service and repairs – LPG burns cleaner, keeping the engines ash and deposits-free for longer. As far as fuel costs are concerned, annual savings can be up to 3 million pesos (approx. 10500 US dollars) per truck per year. Even more food for thought, would you agree?

With the implementation of these vehicles manufactured in the United States, Gasco LPG demonstrates its commitment not only to the distribution of this fuel, but also to its adoption as a vehicle fuel. It is proven that its use reduces the carbon footprint by up to 18% compared to trucks that use traditional liquid fuels and in more than 50% of noise compared to its diesel counterpart, thus contributing to reduce the noise pollution in big cities.

Gasco Transport Business Manager, Rodrigo Araya


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