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Autogas given a boost in Chile

With 20 thousand converted vehicles and 55 stations to refuel them at, Chile isn't exactly a global autogas mogul. But the first step has been taken and now there are plans to substantially speed up adoption of the world's favourite alternative fuel.
A city in Chile© auto-gas.netMore autogas in Chile means more clean air for city dwellers!

20 thousand in 14 years (autogas was introduced back in 2003) is better than nothing, but still far from impressive. But given LPG is mainly used in light-duty commercial vehicles, such as taxis, vans and pick-up trucks, it's probably not bad either. Perhaps it is not legal at the moment to use the fuel in passenger cars, which is the main obstacle to making autogas truly popular in Chile. But that's not our concern at the moment.

Adoption of LPG across the country is expected to speed up anyway due to the recent introduction of liquid state injection technology. It requires less maintenance, allows more savings and keeps engine performance on the same level as when it runs on petrol. High-power pick-ups should be among the first vehicles to benefit from the new solution.

Just as pretty much anywhere in the world, in Chile too autogas offers substantial financial savings to motorists who choose it over petrol. For instance, a truck covering 2500 km monthly and running on petrol generates fuel bills of over 320 thousand Chilean pesos, equal to rougly 500 US dollars. Switching to LPG cuts the running costs by approx. 100 thousand pesos, to 350 dollars. Given the advent of liquid injection, there should be more fleet operators willing to use the savings-generating potential of autogas. Conversion centres are waiting!


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