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Red Cross saves lives and money

We have reported autogas growing strong in Spain numerous times. Here's another good example for you all, this time coming particularly from the island of Tenerife, where a local Red Cross organisation uses LPG to power its fleet.

Continuing a good habit

Bringing help and relief to those in need is at the core of Red Cross' mission. Why not relief the environment in the process? And also the fleet fuel budget? Since there is a widely available, affordable fuel that allows all that, local Cruz Roja (Red Cross in Spanish) decided to go that way. In fact, this is hardly the first time they have done so. It's just that they've just done it again, deploying two new Ford vans running on autogas rather than petrol or diesel.

At Red Cross we are interested in promoting sustainable mobility and that is why we have adopted the initiative of putting stickers on the vehicles indicating that they run on autogas.

After having obtained huge savings in the consumption of other vehicles we have running on autogas, we decided to bet on additional vehicles powered by this fuel to continue increasing our fleet.

Óscar Martín Morales, head of Vehicle Fleet, Red Cross

Red Cross receiving LPG gift cards© DISA GrupoAutogas always makes sense, but if you don't have to pay for it, it's just brilliant

Refueling for free

Thanks to a collaboration with energy supplier DISA, Red Cross in Tenerife will be able to reduce their fuel bills to... zero! That's because DISA contributed three gift cards to the organisation, each of 500 euros value. They will be used to pay for refueling at the partner's LPG stations, meaning Red Cross will pay nothing until the entire donation of 1500 euros is spent. And that's a lot of refueling, since autogas retails at roughly half the price of petrol (0,64 euro/l versus 1,23 euro/l in early December, 2017, according to

The cards are on the table

The gift cards were officially handed over by a DISA representative in November, with Red Cross president Maria Teresa Pociello Marty accepting the contribution. It's definitely a win-win situation and one that restores a little of our faith in humanity. Our faith in autogas, on the other hand, stands unwavering.


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