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Freightliner S2G - hauls its own fuel

Come to think of it, the idea of transporting LPG with tanker trucks with diesel-powered engines is quite absurd. They don't have this problem in the US – liquefied gas is transported by vehicles powered with liquefied gas. Here's one of the latest models.
Freightliner S2G© FreightlinerNow that's what we call a propane truck!

Freightliner is a brand requiring no introductions other than the introductions of new models made by the brand itself. The S2G debuted during the 2013 edition of the NTEA Work Truck Show and is gearing up for production. The vehicle features an LPG-powered engine and can be used as a tanker truck for transporting LPG. Unfortunately, feeding the motor right from the tanker is not an option.

Under the protruding bonnet there's an 8-litre, LPG-only engine generating 344 PS of power and 671 Nm (495 lb ft) of torque. These parameters are sent to the rear wheels via an Allison 2300 automatic (of course!) transmission. Fuel is supplied by a 16” x 97” (diameter x length; equivalent of 40 x 242,5 cm) LPG tank with a capacity of 60 gallons (approx. 227 l). The new truck's gross weight, incidentally featuring the cabin from the M2 model, is 33 thousand pounds or nearly 15 tons.

Once the vehicle was presented to the public, a pre-production test run of 25 examples was manufactured. 4 of these have been subjected to intensive testing. Once Freightliner is done tormenting the trucks in their own right, they will transfer them to selected customers to conduct real-life field tests. Once this is done and the collected data is processed, production of the S2G will start. So the question is not "if”, but "when” the car is going to enter production – since LPG production in the US is growing rapidly, more vehicles will be required to transport it. Although the new Freightliner – versatile as it is being a frame to be adapted in many possible ways – can be used for hauling much more than its own fuel.


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