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Hong Kong renews LPG taxi fleet

Tokyo may not be the only city to benefit from the intoduction of the Toyota JPN Taxi autogas-electric hybrid taxi cab. Apparently several examples of this economical and clean vehicle will soon hit the streets of Hong Kong.

There are places in the world, most of them probably in Africa, where the word Toyota is synonymous to car – Land Cruisers were the first and are often the only vehicles capable of getting there. We wouldn't be at all surprised if in Hong Kong the word Toyota stood for taxi as over 90% of all cabs there (and there are over 18 thousand of them) are Toyota Comforts (taxi versions of the Crown sedan). In fact, the company that imports them from Japan is even named Crown Motors Ltd. Will they soon have to consider changing the name to JPN Taxi Motors Ltd.? They just might.

Toyota JPN Taxi waiting in a Hong Kong port© South China Morning PostThe taxis are already in Hong Kong and eager to start taking fares

The currently used Comforts are autogas-powered, just like the new JPN Taxi, but they're getting old (approx. 10000 of them are 13 or over) and nowhere near as economical as the newly introduced LPG-electric hybrid – their fuel consumption is around 11,1 l/100 km (which is still a pretty good average, we have to say), while the newcomer boasts a figure of 5,2 l/100 km. The benefits are indisputable, even if the brand new vehicles are relatively expensive at 38500 US dollars (300 thousand HK dollars, 50 thousand more than the currently used Toyota Comfort model) per example.

Four cars are already in the country, awaiting importation approval. Once that procedure is completed, the taxis will be subjected to safety and compliance tests by the Transport Department and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. Only then will they enter regular service, but once they do (the debut is expected in early 2018), we're sure drivers will instantly fall in love with them and more JPN Taxi cabs will soon follow. Stay tuned!


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