gazeo - the largest and most comprehensive Internet platform dedicated to promoting economical, eco-friendly gaseous motor fuels, launched in Poland in 2007. Latest news, well founded information, comments from key people in the LPG/CNG business, product presentations and exhaustively explored technical and technological matters. All that makes gazeo a unique reference point for everybody interested in the LPG market all over the world.

A lively forum for LPG-powered car users, the invariably popular "Ask the Practitioner" section, as well as the most precise online LPG Conversion Payback Simulator and a browser which helps locate conversion garages, equipment manufacturers and wholesalers are all effective tools in the hands of anyone seeking knowledge in the field or wishing to promote their business among present and future owners of LPG-powered vehicles.

The editors of gazeo have spent years in the field of alternative fuels and cars converted to run on LPG and CNG. This allows us to always deliver up-to-date, thorough information, which makes us a rich and interesting resource for a broad range of readers. As a provider of clear and organised knowledge, gazeo is an opinion-setting launchpad for informative and specialised radio and television programmes produced by stations ranging from the Polish Radio to the Polish CNBC branch – the TVN CNBC Biznes. We have also collaborated with international trade organisations and media, including WLPGA (World LP Gas Association), AEGPL (European LP Gas Association) or the AutoGas Journal.

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