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Alkane P-26/P-33 LPG - in a class by itself

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (USA) is the home of a new brand of trucks – Alkane. Though the company’s products use cheaper Chinese parts, it’s worth mentioning them as it’s possible to power them with LPG. Let’s focus on the P-26/P-33 model – Class 7 in terms of tonnage.
Alkane class 7 LPG truck© Alkane TruckTrucks that have the driver’s cab placed above the engine are still a rarity in the States. Alkane’s appearance suggests strong influences of European vehicles, though ”filtered” through Chinese aesthetics

American commercial vehicles market is different from the European one. Let’s not go into details, because that’s not the point – suffice it to say their Class 7, that includes Alkane P-26/P-33, is equivalent to our European 12-ton distribution trucks. More or less, it’s just so that you know what type of a vehicle we’re talking about here.

The vehicle will be available in two variants: P-26 (with a total weight of 26 thousand lbs, which is 11.7 tons) and P-33 (total weight of 33 thousand lbs – 14,95 tons). Both will be powered by Ford Triton gas engines with a capacity of 6.8 liters, mated with Torqshift 6-speed automatic transmissions also manufactured by Ford. The 10-cylinder, 3-valve V-type engines (with stronger valves and valve seats for LPG) are converted with Bi-Phase Technologies liquid phase gas injection systems.

All vehicles are certified according to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board) standards, which means they can enter the roads in the whole United States. The current level of development of LPG infrastructure may not fully allow that, but the growing popularity of autogas in America will soon make driving from New York to Los Angeles or from Miami to Seattle possible also on natural gas.


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