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Liquid Autogas Consortium - helping hand

Around the world there are organisations and institutions supporting the development of autogas markets and promoting use of the world's most popular alternative fuel. One such organisation has just been set up in the US.
Freightliner S2G LPG-powered truck© Clean Fuel USAThe number of LPG fleets in the US is growing, but the more help and support, the better

The aim of the Liquid Autogas Consortium is to increase autogas use among fleets. Founding companies include Icom North America and Imega International USA, two developers and manufacturers of automotive LPG system technology.

Joining the consortium is free of charge for fleets. As far as LPG fuel suppliers, autogas equipment producers, OEM autogas vehicle manufacturers/dealers and autogas system installers/maintenance centres are also very welcome, but should expect modest fees.

The new organisation aims to increase the number of LPG-powered vehicles on the roads (both factory- and aftermarket-converted) and provide its Propane Fueling Partners with the necessary tools to boost LPG sales volumes. To achieve its goals, the LAC will provide various services for fleets, including:

  • education about the benefits of autogas use;
  • training;
  • quality EPA-approved LPG systems for cars, vans, trucks and buses;
  • financing;
  • vehicle maintenance;
  • dealer support;
  • autogas refueling stations;
  • small LPG engine systems;
  • support and fuel pricing through partners of the consortium.


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