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Savings for period: 3 years

For correct estimates, zero is not allowed, except for "LPG increased consumption percentage" and "conversion cost" fields

LPG Conversion Payback Simulator

Choose your base fuel:   Petrol     Diesel
0 km Monthly mileage 15 000 km
0 years Estimated running time 10 years
Symulated for petrol: 5.26 EUR | LPG: 2.26 EUR |
Fuel consumption on petrol: 8 l/100km | Fuel consumption on LPG: greater by 15%
Toyota Hilux - two at a time  Toyota Hilux - two at a time

Converting a diesel to LPG might not be as popular as adapting a petrol-powered car, but surely has its advantages. We're driving a pick-up truck to find out, so be sure to see it for...

Opel Astra LPG - what has changed?  Opel Astra LPG - what has changed?

It's been a few years since we last reviewed the factory-converted LPG-powered Opel Astra. Have the autogas system components been better integrated into the car since then? Has anything...

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