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Savings for period: 3 years

For correct estimates, zero is not allowed, except for "LPG increased consumption percentage" and "conversion cost" fields

LPG Conversion Payback Simulator

Choose your base fuel:   Petrol     Diesel
0 km Monthly mileage 15 000 km
0 years Estimated running time 10 years
Symulated for petrol: 5.26 EUR | LPG: 2.26 EUR |
Fuel consumption on petrol: 8 l/100km | Fuel consumption on LPG: greater by 15%
Ford Focus LPG - directly from the showroom  Ford Focus LPG - directly from the showroom

Ford is the latest brand to offer new LPG-powered cars straight from the showroom floor in Poland. This way it is finally possible to buy a brand new car equipped with a direct liquid state...

Skoda Octavia 1.4 TSI LPG - LPG…  Skoda Octavia 1.4 TSI LPG - LPG holiday in a nutshell

We thought 10 000 km is an awful lot and we would drive and drive the Octavia on end. In practice it turned out it took us just two months to clock this kind of distance and we had to wave the...

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