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Dominican LPG station network set to improve

One of these days we should probably start an „Autogas around the world” series to report our favourite fuel's situation in various countries across the globe. Today we're going to bring the Dominican Republic closer to you, for the first time ever.

Have you ever heard about there being any market for autogas in the Dominican Republic? No? Well, neither have we. Until recently, that is. And quite frankly, the market is quite substantial – certain large European countries should feel envious as there are 210 thousand LPG-powered cars there, refueling at approx. 1500 stations. That's something, don't you think? And yet the authorities believe the infrastructure isn't developed enough and are taking measures to further improve it. Well, we won't say no to that!

A fuel station in the Dominican Republic© auto-gas.netFuel stations may soon become more busy with the addition of autogas pumps and then even more busy thanks to the addition

The thing is, at the moment LPG pumps (and, in fact, entire autogas refueling facilities) are separated from conventional fuel stations. However, the Dominican Ministry of Industry is now looking at a proposal to integrate autogas into regular service stations. LPG has become popular enough to make it inconvenient for motorists to visit separate sites to buy fuels. Of course, petrol isn't needed that often in an autogas-powered vehicle, but it still is. The regulators are looking towards the USA as a good example of successful integration – until not long ago LPG was sold separately there as well, but it's changing and response is very good.

Convenience aside, it is believed that adding autogas to fuel stations would further boost the fuel's popularity. Experts from the ADEIC (Dominican Association of Fuel Industry Companies) are already working on appropriate regulations to make the transition of LPG pumps (often located in remote, secluded places) into easily accessible service stations possible. Certain articles of the 2119-72 Regulation on the Directive and Use of LPG need to be amended and new regulations for the sale of the fuel must be set up, but it's all probably just a matter of time. We'll let you know when a breakthrough occurs.


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