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Almost 3000 LPG stations in the States

Every revolution begins with small changes – maybe it sounds trivial, but that’s how it is. The world of LPG is no exception – to become big, you have to start with a series of small steps. That’s why it’s worth mentioning that the number of LPG stations available to American drivers is getting close to 3000.
An autogas-powered taxi refueling at a station© Alliance AutoGasRight now, main customers of LPG stations in the States are fleet vehicles, but as soon as car manufacturers sense it's good business, things will change quickly

LPG market across the Atlantic is hugely scattered. Suffice it to say, one of the largest industry organizations in the States – Alliance AutoGas – controls just over 20% of all stations that sell LPG as alternative fuel. But we can still announce a small victory – AAG has built 600 stations and, according to the report issued by the Department of Energy in mid-2013, there are already 2842 places that offer retail distribution of liquefied natural gas.

Ok, so maybe 3000 stations in a country as big as the States is still not a lot (there are twice as many stations in Poland or Germany alone), but we may expect significant increase in this number soon. Due to rapid increase in the extraction of shale gas, propane-butane production in the U.S. is growing at such rate that local demand and export are not enough to consume it all. This, obviously, leads to lowering prices, making autogas even more attractive than ever.

As we have often mentioned, police, taxi, bus and truck fleet operators tend to choose autogas for their vehicles more and more often. A real breakthrough, however, will come when car manufacturers start offering new models with factory built LPG systems, and the Americans will buy them. In our opinion, taking into account typical American dash, private cars market has a chance to flourish through this solution, rather than through the development of a network of workshops that will convert cars on individual order, though there will be plenty of those soon anyway. Our eyes are set on America – some interesting things are going to happen over there!


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