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Multi-talented fuel station

Sunoco's fuel station located at the Pittsburgh International Airport had been closed for modification since April 6, 2015. It has been relaunched recently and now offers a very broad range of conventional and alternative fuel options.
Multi-fuel station at the Pittsburgh International Airport© Pittsburgh International AirportLPG? Sure. CNG? No prob. EV? Coming right up. Petrol or diesel? If you insist...

As far as conventional fuels go, the station offers petrol and diesel, since – let's face it – they remain the most popular choices among drivers. However, since significance of gaseous fuels grows, dispensers for LPG (autogas, or propane) and CNG (compressed natural gas, or methane) have been added. But that's not all – an EV charging spot is now there as well. This means you would have to be driving something really out of the ordinary to not be able to refuel at the new site.

For Sunoco the new retail point is the second one when it comes to CNG and first in terms of LPG, at least in the state of Pennsylvania. Are there more stations planned? That largely depends on how the Pittsburgh International Airport one will fare, but given the rising interest in gaseous fuels in the US and the shortage of publicly accessible refueling locations, the new station can be nothing but successful. We'll keep our fingers crossed, though. Just in case.


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Robert Markowski
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