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LPG stations coming to Pakistan

If the phrases "Pakistan" and "gaseous alternative fuels" are spoken in the same sentence, most probably CNG (compressed natural gas) is concerned. However, it turns out LPG autogas refueling station network in the country is also growing. Slowly, but steadily.
An LPG autogas station in Pakistan© auto-gas.netAutogas dispensers look the same all over the world...

Let us begin with describing the procedure according to which new autogas stations are approved and built. First, appropriate documents must be filed at the Ministry for Oil and Natural Resources. Certain technical requirements also need to be met. Next, ministry officials review the applications and issue approvals and planning permissions. Unless they don't, of course. Of the 25 applications filed recently, only 4 have been granted permissions and that's exactly how many new stations will be added to the network in the near future, in particular in the Rawalpindi province.

Permissions have been granted to two companies – MS/Saif Gas and Country Auto Gas. They will construct two stations in the city of Chakwal and one each in Attock and Jhelum. But don't go thinking Pakistani authorities are so strict and limit the number of permissions issued – the small number of granted ones results directly from the lengthy procedures rather than lack of good will. When independent inspectors are done verifying the proposed locations, permits will only be a matter of time.

As for requirements applicants have to face, the basic one concerns parameters of the road on whose side the station is to be erected. Such road should be at least 60 feet (approx. 20 metres) wide, which means highways and international roads are the only ones to qualify. We aren't certain as to why minor roads are excluded, but maybe the authorities wish to prioritise major routes before moving on to local ones. Anyhow, we're eager to hear more autogas-related news from Pakistan!


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