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Spanish fuel stations open to LPG

According to the AOGLP, the Spanish Association of Operators of Liquefied Petroleum Gas, filling station operators are open to the idea of adding autogas to their forecourts as a means of diversification and offer broadening.

The information was announced by José Luis Blanco, AOGLP's general director. According to Blanco, Spain's current autogas refueling network comprises 400 outlets, allowing to drive throught the country north to south using LPG only. Apparently demand for autogas retail points is on the rise and station operators should take the opportunity to add LPG pumps to their forecourts to attract new customers.

Autogas pump in Spain© AOGLPThere are approx. 400 such dispensers in Spain today, with more under way

Car manufacturers are also growingly interested in the autogas sector of the car market. According to the AOGLP, there are over 50 models of new cars available with factory- or dealership-fitted LPG systems and the segment of aftermarket conversions is expanding, too, as all vehicles registered from 2001 onwards can now be legally equipped with autogas fuel systems.

Spanish autogas market may not be big at the moment (the aforementioned 400 stations provide fuel for some 40 thousand LPG-powered vehicles), but it's bound to grow. The world's most popular alternative fuel is now applied not only to Spanish taxis and private cars, but also company fleet vehicles and police patrol cruisers. Breakthrough seems to be waiting just around the corner.


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