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Prins becomes even more direct

Dutch autogas system manufacturer Prins, a part of the Westport Group, has one of the most comprehensive reference lists for direct-injected petrol engines that can be converted with the company's products. More are coming.
Prins' DI engine list© PrinsMany of the new applications are based on the Volkswagen Group's TSI/TFSI engines

Prins has to date offered two quite different solutions for DI engines – the VSI-2.0 DI that applies vapour state LPG into the channels of the intake manifold and manages small (3-5%) petrol interjections to protect the injectors located directly in the combustion chambers, and the Direct LiquiMax-2.0, a system that applies liquid state LPG right into the combustion chambers directly through the OEM petrol injectors. The latter system has recently been updated to become the Direct LiquiMax Gen3 and a number of changes and improvements have been introduced, in part in order to adjust the price levels to the market expectations.

The Direct LiquiMax-2.0 remains on offer, so in practice Prins now has a line-up of three DI autogas systems. For the time being at least, as ultimately the Gen3 version will completely replace the 2.0 model. But before that happens, Prins' comprehansive approach allows the company to have a thorough list of convertible DI engines and the list keeps growing quickly. After all, if you have both a vapour state LPG injection with petrol interjections and a liquid state direct LPG injection systems, nearly all DI petrol engines can be converted to run on the cheaper alternative fuel.

The latest version of Prins' reference list, published in late April 2016, includes 289 engine options, 50 of which are new additions or modifications of formerly convertible units. Roughly half of the new additions use the VSI-2.0 DI system, the other half is based on direct liquid state autogas injection systems, with 6 utilising the latest Direct LiquiMax Gen3.


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