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Nigeria introduces autogas-powered cars

We've known for quite a while now that it was only a matter of time for Africa to become the next promised land for LPG autogas. Apparently Nigeria wants to be at the forefront of the upcoming revolution on the continent.
Streets of a Nigerian city© auto-gas.netHow many of the cars seen here do you think will get an LPG conversion? The more, the better for everyone!

As we previously reported, there are efforts made to bring autogas to Nigeria. Now the plans and ideas are becoming reality, as Banner Energy has introduced what is reportedly the first LPG-powered car in the country. The motivation behind the initiative is hardly surprising – emission cuts, safety improvements and, last but not least, cost benefits.

Banner Energy, distributor of LPG in Nigeria, demonstrated the car to an audience of invited guests. The vehicle featured a cylindrical autogas tank fitted in the trunk and a modern-day LPG system, enabling the driver to switch between the conventional and the alternative fuel with a push of a dashboard-mounted button. Autogas' economical record in Nigeria is outstanding – as highlighted by Banner Energy's CEO Nuhu Yakubu, LPG costs merely a third of the price of petrol. Refueling infrastructure is already in place – all Oando oil and gas plants retail autogas.

Apart from providing fuel, Banner Energy will also perform conversions and maintenance of cars (under the national AutoGas Conversion Scheme). We hope autogas catches on quickly in Nigeria and, quite frankly, we see no reason why it shouldn't. With its environmental potential and the cost advantage it provides, we expect LPG to conquer the country like so many before it.


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