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Direct LiquiMax 3.0 - take three

Direct liquid state autogas injection systems, applying LPG straight into the engine's combustion chambers through original petrol injectors, are still few and far between. Prins offers one of them and here comes its third iteration.
Prins Direct LiquiMax 2.0 in the engine bay of a car© gazeo.comJust as laymen sometimes fail to notice there's an autogas system at all fitted to a car converted with the current DLM 2.0, so may we one day fail to spot the differences when the 3.0 version comes along

At the moment Prins offers the Direct LiquiMax (DLM) 2.0, but the 3.0 version will follow soon. It won't be completely new, but will instead be an evolution of the existing product, improving what can be still improved. The general concept will obviously remain unchanged, but certain components are bound to undergo slight changes.

First and foremost, the FSU (fuel supply module) and FRU (fuel return module) modules are going to be integrated into a single component. Also, the materials from which the complementary petrol pump is built. Its fitting hoop has been modified, too.

As for the system's list of available applications, nothing changes. As before, new direct-injected petrol engines that can be converted with the Direct LiquiMax will be gradually added. As for the DLM 3.0's price, nothing has been announced yet, but we hope this kind of technology will eventually become cheaper and thus more affordable to users.


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