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LPG Porsche climbs to the top

A racing-spec Porsche 911 GT3 fitted with an LPG system has won the Icod – La Guancha Ascent hill climb race in Tenerife, Spain. And it wasn't the first success of this kind – either for the car or its driver, experienced Enrique Cruz.
DISA Copi Sport's Porsche 911 GT3 LPG during a hill climb race© auto-gas.netA rear-engined car with an LPG system? What's not possible in a road car is allowed in a racing one - it has a different set of rules to comply with

The Tenerife race was the sixth and final round of the 2016 season in the DISA Autonomous Mountain Championship series. The Porsche pictured, entered by the DISA Copi Sport team (a joint effort by DISA Gas and Copi Sport), won pretty much everything there was to win, beating time records on most of the routes this year along the way. Thanks to this latest triumph, Enrique Cruz won his fifth hill climb championship in a row.

Route of the Icod – La Guancha Ascent race was 5,21 km long and one of the most demanding this season. The autogas-powered Porsche tackled it casually, almost effortlessly, experiencing no mechanical problems whatsoever (just like in the previous rounds). Understandably, the team is happy and proud of the latest achievement. According to the driver himself, preparing a racer running on LPG seemed next to impossible at first, but the car eventually became reality (track tests were carried out in early 2016), even though rival teams and drivers probably wish it never did.

Considering how successful the Porsche has become, we wouldn't be surprised to see another team tread in DISA Copi Sport's footsteps and prepare an LPG-powered contender of its own. We're all for it, because let's face it – total domination is fun the first time around, but eventually becomes rather boring and discourages people from following the races. And so we keep our fingers crossed for a worthy competitor for the 2017 season, but meanwhile our sincere congratulations to Enrique Cruz and his entire crew!


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