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Large vans, get ready for LPG!

Size of the vehicle to be converted to run on gaseous fuels hardly matters if you have the right technology at hand. British company Alternatech has the means to make large commercial vans become cheaper and much greener.
Euro 6 Mercedes Sprinter LPG© AlternatechConverting a van was never a problem, especially when it has a petrol engine

The biggest problem with converting large vans to LPG or CNG in Europe is the lack of petrol engines – most of them are equipped with oil-burning Diesel units. However, engines running on good old gasoline are still offered for some models and if they are, Alternatech is happy to convert them for you. In fact, they have already converted some, including the first Euro 6-compliant units in the UK to receive LPG systems.

The first British operator to implement such vehicles – seven brand new Euro 6 Mercedes Sprinter vans – is Apollo Cradles Ltd., specialists in temporary access solutions with over 25 years of experience in the field. This example is bound to urge other companies to consider switching to the cheaper, more environmentally friendly fuel. Many operators now realise diesel doesn't have to be the only way to go and leasing providers are more eager to offer them autogas instead. In this particular case, Fraikin is the partner.

With more companies looking at their carbon footprint, the recent landmark high court case into London’s diesel emissions and the Volkswagen emissions scandal, all eyes are falling on alternative fuels. The sector is coming into its own right now and with the rising cost of petrol we anticipate a substantial growth in demand for LPG conversions.

Will Putter, commercial director, Alternatech


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