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Prins turns 30

Prins Autogassystemen, one of the major designers, manufacturers and suppliers of LPG, CNG and LNG vehicle conversion kits in Europe, started operations 30 years ago today. Let's celebrate a little, shall we?

It was exactly on September 12, 1986, that Yde Prins founded the company bearing his name in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Over the years it grew to become the engineer and maker of high-quality, innovative fuel systems for both passenger and commercial vehicles, using gaseous fuels – LPG autogas, compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

30 years of Prins© Prins Autogassystemen30 years may seem little for a person, but it's quite something for a company

Currently Prins, now a part of the Westport Fuel Systems global alternative fuels conglomerate, supplies its products and services to customers all over the world, based in 50 countries. The brand is now particularly associated with 6th generation autogas systems, utilising liquid state LPG injection via the converted engine's original petrol injectors. Prins was the first manufacturer in the world to certify a system of this kind according to the 115 regulation.

For the long-distance goods transport sector, Prins has developed and markets the Dieselblend system – a technology for mixing and simultaneous injection of diesel and gaseous fuel (LPG or CNG/LNG, including biomethane). Replacing a part of diesel fuel with gas helps improve performance and the converted vehicle's environmental record – harmful emissions, especially particulate matter, are remarkably curbed.

By collaborating with Keihin, one of the most renowned providers of fuel systems in the world, Prins has engineered the VSI (Vapour Sequential Injection) LPG or CNG injection system, which later evolved to spawn the VSI-2.0 and, most recently, the VSI-2.0-DI – a vapour state injection for engines featuring direct petrol injection. This solution uses port LPG/CNG injection and minor (up to 5 percent) petrol interjections to protect the combustion-chamber-mounted petrol injectors.

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish Prins many more 30th anniversaries. Sitting safely under the protective umbrella of its parent company, Westport Fuel Systems, Prins has all the means to keep developing innovative technologies and thrive in the autogas business in the years and decades to come. Happy birthday!


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