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Prins Autogassystemen purchased by Westport

The bigger you are, the more you can do – that's the general rule behind acquisitions of smaller companies by larger ones. Takeovers benefit both parties – the buyer gains access to new technology, the acquired company enters new, previously obscure markets.

The alternative fuel sector's latest takeover has been completed between Canada and the Netherlands. Westport, a potentate in the field of modern CNG technology (diesel-gas solutions, monovalent gas engines, methane-powered vehicles), has purchase Prins Autogassystemen for the sum of 12,2 million euros, 6,6 mln of which was in assumed liabilities and the remaining 5,6 mln in cash. Prins' European operations will now become a part of the Westport Applied Technologies business unit.

Prins' globally respected product line, their strong track record in continuous innovation and new product introductions combined with its Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) relationships complement our products and OEM coverage to provide us with a great position as the go-to partner for alternative fuels solutions.

Mehran Rahbar, Executive Vice President, On-Road Systems & Applied Technologies of Westport


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