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The new King MP48 ECU, manufactured by AEB, has been designed to enable conversions of 2-, 3- and 4-cylinder engines equipped with sequential petrol injection. The controller offers high efficiency, but is at the same time compact in size and easy to fit.
A.MAX King MP48 ECU© A.MAXThe King MP48 ECU - compact, yet capable

The MP48 includes a number of new functions and options compared to the AEB2001PC. The gas dose correction map has been enhanced, which makes it possible to adjust the LPG dose more precisely according to the engine's needs. It is also possible to read and emulate lambda sensor parameters.

In addition, conversion kits including the MP48 ECU are supplied with an innovative, integrated LPG pressure and temperature sensor located at the reducer's LPG output. At the same time, it acts as an intake manifold pressure sensor. Since the sensor includes so many functions in one, separate temperature sensors have become redundant. This in turn makes the conversion process easier and shorter.

The MP48 offers a number of diagnostic functions, too. Among them are:

  • LPG injectors diagnostics,
  • real-time petrol injectors diagnostics,
  • sensors and LPG/petrol switch diagnostics,
  • active diagnostics of the entire autogas system.


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