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Before holiday

Before holiday ©

The holiday season is upon us and we do not mean Christmas. People are starting to flock into seaside resorts and all sorts of places where they can rest and relax after a whole year of work. Many choose to drive to their destinations, often in autogas-powered cars. Does such a vehicle need any particular attention before the journey?

Theoretically, given that you had the car examined in a standard Spring test, no extra care is required. However, to be on the safe side it is reasonable to give the autogas system a check, especially if you know you are going to travel several thousand kilometres. After all, unexpected vehicle downtime is something you want to avoid while on holiday, right?

You may be low on washer, but avoid running the car low on oil, coolant and brake fluid© gazeo.comMake a habit of checking the levels of service fluids every time you plan to make a longer journey

Replacing and refilling service fluids is every car owner's duty and should be a routine, but in practice it turns out drivers tend to forget about it, so checking the levels of oil, coolant and brake fluid and topping up whenever necessary before traveling is definitely a good idea. Some LPG-converted cars use special valve saver kits and fluids, so make sure you check on that one, too. A bottle of fluid placed in the engine bay is usually enough for approx. 10 thousand km of mileage, so if you fill it to the brim, you can rest assured you will be able to travel as far as the eye can see and back with no risk of valve or valve seat damage.

Should the standard autogas system check be due while you are on holiday, do not wait until you are back and have it done before you go. And remember not to visit your installer for maintenance on the last day possible – make an appointment beforehand and give yourself time for potential repairs. If you go too late, the installer may refuse you due to earlier obligations and your peace of mind will be compromised.

Apart from the autogas system, do check the engine cooling system – its good running condition is absolutely vital, particularly in the Summer. No cooling or insufficient cooling may lead to serious engine failure, so be careful. Standard cooling system check includes coolant liquid level control and refill and radiator fan operation test.

Even if the components of an LPG system work properly, sealing check is always important© gazeo.comSealing check is one of the basic elements of a standard autogas system maintenance

Also, if you are going away for longer (especially abroad), make sure your car's petrol fuel system works properly. Its malfunctions may affect 4th generation vapour autogas injection systems and when it is fully functional, it gives you the option to keep driving (on petrol) if you happen to run out of LPG in the middle of nowhere, away from the nearest autogas pump, or your LPG system fails.

As far as traveling abroad is concerned, remember to get a set of appropriate filling valve adapters, since there are several standards across Europe, varying between countries. Fuel stations often offer their own adapters, but sometimes require deposits to let you borrow one, so getting your own ones is just common sense.

No matter how far you are going, having your car thoroughly checked is always worth it. It will not cost you a fortune, but definitely will make your holiday even more carefree and pleasureable.


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