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Digitronic DI108 - directly indirect


If you're a careful reader of, you're probably already familiar with the Digitronic name. Meet the manufacturer's latest product – an ECU for converting direct-injected engines to run on LPG. Autogas is injected indirectly, though.
Digitronic DI108 ECU© DigitronicNow owners of cars with direct-injected engines can too save with Digitronic

In short, this is a sequential system that dispenses vapour state LPG into the channels of the engine's intake manifold, just like in MPI engines. The difference is in the ECU's software, which allows regular injections of petrol through the original injectors. This is because the petrol injector is placed inside the combustion chamber and cannot be permanently shut down, because it would overheat and break down as a result. It needs some fuel to flow through it to cool and lubricate it, but most of the time the engine runs on LPG (or CNG, as the ECU can be used for both), so savings from using the cheaper fuel are not endangered.

The DI108 is very versatile and can be used on a variety of direct-injected engines, ranging from downsized and turbocharged 3-cylinder units up to large, yet efficient V8's. The software has been developed by AEB in Italy, which is a guarantee of reliability and repeatability of the ECU's settings. To make the conversion process easier for the installers, the fitting and calibration procedures have been simplified – the product is a „plug and play” solution, able to adapt itself to various driving styles and conditions. The Digitronic DI108 is already available, so you can contact your local distributor for any necessary details!


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