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Digitronic is a manufacturer of autogas system components, represented by an office in Poland's "LPG Silicon Valley” – Białystok. What does the company have on the cards? How is it prepared to build its position in European markets? There's an easy way to find out – read on!
Digitronic MP48 OBD kit© DigitronicIt may look familiar, the name may ring some bells, but Digitronic's version of the MP48 OBD is more than "just a clone"

Digitronic's product range includes all the major autogas system components – injectors, reducers, tanks and, obviously, also ECU's. Some of them are designed and manufactured in-house, others (e. g. reducers) come straight from other producers' stock. Electronic controllers, which we are going to focus on this time, are something different still – they are neither designed completely by Digitronic nor provided in standardised form by an external supplier.

Digitronic-branded ECU's are made by AEB. And it should surprise no-one – a great number of autogas system manufacturers take advantage of the Italian autogas electronics specialists' expertise, experience and quality built into the final product. However, depending on the brand a given ECU is marketed under, certain differences in terms of functionality appear, since various companies who base their systems on AEB's electronic components order certain unique, brand-specific features. And so does Digitronic.

Therefore, the MP32, MP48 and MP48 OBD ECU's are distinguished by the following functions:

  • lightweight, shock-resistant and air-tight housings (sockets are air-tight, too);
  • start/stop system compatibility and support (once the engine has warmed up, it starts immediately in LPG mode, without any petrol);
  • warming up of autogas injectors before the engine switches over to LPG;
  • intelligent autocalibration and autocorrection;
  • linear lambda sensor emulation and full OBD system compatibility (MP48 OBD);
  • valve saver function (partial petrol injection under heavy load);
  • MultiAir and Valvetronic (no throttle body engines) support;
  • real-time petrol fuel system diagnostics.

Digitronic is poised to make a strong market entrance with their lineup. Admittedly, the task is something of a challenge since there are many well-established brands out there and newcomers ahve to invest time and effort to make a breakthrough. But then, in order to succeed one has to try, so keep your fingers crossed for Digitronic and wish them luck – it always comes in useful!



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