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Lovato Smart ExR - a facelifted ECU

If you thought LPG system ECUs can't undergo mid-lifecycle facelifts, then you thought wrong. Lovato's Easy Fast has just undergone a makeover, receiving a name in line with the brand's other products in the process. Now it's a part of the Smart family of ECUs.
Lovato Smart ExR© gazeo.comApparently, you can now get a range extender without buying a costly EREV - your regular car with an MPI engine will do just fine!

The Smart ExR (Extended Range) improves what was already good in the Easy Fast, without actually bringing about a revolution. According to Lovato, it has been optimised to make the conversion procedure even easier and shorter than before. Functionality and performance have been enhanced, too, to make sure the autogas system based on the revamped ECU is even more reliable and provides even greater savings to the motorist. To highlight the evolution, the ExR is housed in a newly designed case.

Of course, the system isn't just the controller. The conversion kit featuring the Smart ExR includes a host of components designed, developed, tried and tested at the Lovato Research and Development Centre in Italy. All the key parts of the LPG system fitted in the engine bay (the reducer, the injectors and the vapour state filter using centrifugal force to eliminate contamination) plus the dash-mounted LPG/petrol switch bear the Lovato sign, so all the installer needs to get to complete the kit are: the tank, the refueling valve and all the lines, hoses, wires and fitting accessories. The Lovato Smart ExR is for MPI petrol engines with up to 4 cylinders.


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