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Cummins Westport's 2018 gas engines

Cummins Westport's 2018 MY lineup will feature three natural-gas-powered engines. They are supposed to raise the bar even further up in terms of efficiency and reliablity, all the while pushing emissions down to near zero levels.

For 2018 Cummins Westport is introducing new engine nomenclature and so the three units on offer will be as follows:

  • B6.7N – an inline-6 engine with up to 179 kW/240 PS of power and 759 Nm of torque, compliant with CARB's (California Air Resources Board's) strict requirements in terms of emissions; the unit is optionally available with low nitrogen oxides emissions (0,1 g/BHPh, which is 50% of what the EPA regulations require); the B6.7N is ideal for school bus applications;
  • L9N – an inline-6 unit with 239 kW/320 PS of power and up to 1356 Nm of torque, certified by CARB and the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency), the engine is optionally available in Near-Zero NOX emissions variant, spewing out just 0,02 g/BHPh;
  • ISX12N – also an inline-6 engine, with up to 298 kW/400 PS of power and 1966 Nm of torque; Near-Zero version available, cutting NOX output by at least 90%.
Cummins Westport natural gas engines© Cummins WestportCompressed, liquefied or renewable - Cummins Westport's engines don't discriminate against any kind of gas as long as it's natural

A nod to tradition

Rebranding the units results from Cummins' traditional engine series naming tradition. The initial letters stand for series, numbers denote displacement and the final N indicates the engines are powered with natural gas. All the NG engines are spark-ignited, with stoichiometric composition air-fuel mixture combustion systems, cooled EGR (exhaust gas recirculation system) and maintenance-free three-way catalytic converter.


All the 2018 MY Cummins Westport gas engines will be equipped with the new CM2380 ECU, drawing on experience collected from 70 thousand natural gas engines manufactured to date. Most importantly, it's more reliable and more resistant to high temperature. All the units feature OBD self-diagnostics to monitor the fuel system's operation. Also, all 2018 MY methane engines, including the ISX12N, will be equipped with CCV (Closed Crankcase Ventilation) to reduce crankcase gas emissions (methane emissions are cut by 70%).

Our 2018 product line demonstrates an important milestone in product development for Cummins Westport, creating a move to zero emissions strategy for our customers and industry. We are particularly pleased that the ISX12N will join the L9N in offering our on-highway customers the benefits of performance and reliability at an ultra low emissions level described by California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District as equivalent to an electric vehicle.  This move to zero emissions strategy means our customers can choose the most affordable path to zero-equivalent emissions with no commercial constraints on supply or technology readiness.

Rob Neitzke, President of Cummins Westport


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