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App Studio, a Polish producer of LPG/CNG systems and components, is a busy company. 2012 was a year of numerous debuts, modifications of existing products, announcements and investments. Have a look at our brief recapitulation of App Studio's activity in the past year.
App Studio Agis P12 Mini ECUfot. App StudioThe Agis P12 Mini ECU - for 3- and 4-cylinder engines only

There are a few ways the LPG/CNG sector is going these days. On the one hand, injection systems for direct-injected engines are gaining popularity as such motors are steadily becoming the name of the game. On the other, diesel-gas systems enjoy growing interest as they are a way to cut running costs and emissions of medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles, while at the same time mixing LPG/CNG with diesel offers a power and torque boost. Still, sequential port injection of gaseous fuels, the most popular solution today, remains under constant development as it will take years before cars with MPI-type engines fade away as conversion favourites.

Bearing that in mind (as well as the fact that 3- and 4-cylinder engines are the most common ones), App Studio launched the Agis P12 – a new autogas system ECU, available for engines with 3 to 4 cylinders only, as a simpler and cheaper version of the regular Agis P12, stripped of redundant options. Contrary to the standard P12, the Mini has no OBD connection option, but instead it is very compact. The cover is made of plastic and is fully airtight, as is the single connection socket.

The new reducer from App Studiofot. App StudioThe new reducer remains to be named

The ECU may be the autogas system's brain, but it could do nothing without proper „limbs”. App Studio has a broad range of components and accessories of their own design and manufacture, thus becoming gradually independent of other producers' reducers, injectors, etc. As for LPG vapourisers, the Bialystok-based company has a new, yet-to-be-named compact model, set to debut officially at the 2013 GasShow. The reducer has an aluminium body, glass-fiber-reinforced plastic covers, rotating connectors, an integrated electrovalve and a built-in gas temperature sensor, plus obviously an obligatory safety valve. For ease of fitting, dedicated brackets are offered.

Another news coming from App Studio in 2012 regarded new Agis I-12 injectors. Their innovativeness is all about production cost (bodies made of plastic) and operating efficiency (the gas flow opening element is very light, which means it has less inertia and works faster and more precisely). Also, the electromagnet controlling the flow opening element is more powerful, so cold starts are much easier with the new injector. The Agis I-12 can be used separately or on a rail.

App Studio Agis I-12 injectorsfot. App StudioA rail of Agis I-12 injectors - operational and cost efficiency

Also, App Studio's engineers are working on a liquid state LPG port injection system. It simplifies the entire solution by eliminating the reducer and has the advantage of condensing the autogas dose – a portion of liquid state LPG has by 260 times smaller volume than its gaseous state counterpart, which means it is much easier to supply the engine with an appropriate amount of energy, comparable to that contained in petrol doses injected into combustion chambers. In fact, liquid state autogas injection may lead to boosting the engine's performance as there will be more energy contained within LPG than there would be in petrol.

Apparently, the Bialystok-headquartered company does not sit on its hands. Its proven products are constantly developed to become even better, while simultaneously new ideas are explored and new technologies applied to make sure autogas conversion remains a viable option in the future, while the company's market share keeps growing. The potential of autogas is still huge and App Studio sure knows how to harness it!


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