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AEB DI108 - for direct injection

AEB – a well-known manufacturer of ECU's and all kinds of electronic components for autogas systems – has unveiled a new controller for engines with direct petrol injection.
An AEB DI108 ECU© AEBAEB DI108 – a controller for direct petrol injection engines

This ECU supports engines from 3 to 8 cylinders and is a completely new development compatible with the latest generation diagnostic systems for petrol controllers used in direct injection engines. The AEB DI108 is a new product in every respect. A new housing was used (a metal one – for optimal heat management), new electronic architecture and new software. This controller’s modern processor will also be used in future AEB products (simplified versions of this controller, with only one connector).

New solutions were introduced in the DI108 controller that simplify installation and calibration of the gas system, while ensuring good drivability and lower fuel consumption. It’s equipped with two interfaces: a simplified one for installers and a more complex one for qualified engineering staff. The DI108 was developed mainly for Australian, North American (USA and Canada) and German markets, where cars with engines bigger than 4 cylinders constitute a large number of all vehicles.


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