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InjectoReducer - all together now

What do you get when you merge an LPG reducer with an autogas injector rail? An InjectoReducer, apparently! At least that's what Rail of Italy called their idea of such a combination. Be sure to read on to find out more about this peculiar contraption.
Rail's InjectoReducer as disassembled from the test car© RailArt for art's sake or a true improvement? Only time and practice will tell

Reinventing the wheel?

Manufacturers of autogas system components never stop inventing and developing solutions that are designed to make work of the installer easier and to make maintenance of the system simpler and less time-consuming, thus less expensive for the end user. The InjectoReducer is one of the outcomes of such attitude as it combines the functions of LPG vapouriser and injector rail in one body. It takes up less room than separate reducer and injectors and reduces the number of water and gas connections that need to be made during conversion.

Four components in one

In spite of its name, the InjectoReducer, which has been in development by Rail since 2013, combines not just injectors and a reducer, but also a vapour state LPG filter and a solenoid valve. Conversion time is thus said to be significantly reduced and the integrated components reach optimal working temperature quicker than separate ones (plus, they reach it at the same moment), working more stable in terms of flow and efficiency. Besides, since all has been done by a single manufacturer, compatibility is not an issue.

Everyday-use tests underway

Having been fitted on an Opel Mokka 1,6, the InjectoReducer is now undergoing field tests for a yet-to-be-confirmed market premiere. Will the product catch on?


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