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EG Spinner - what goes around…

Centrifugal force may be useful at times. For example, it can be used to create an LPG filter that will set fuel in a spinning motion in order to “shake off” any contaminants and heavy oil fractions from it. The whole thing’s called EG Spinner.
EG Spinner filter with fitting bracket© EuropeGASSmall and easily adaptable - the EG Spinner

We’ve already come across this solution in Perfect Blue filters that have been on the market for some time, but the introduction of this new product confirms the validity of the whole idea. EuropeGAS – the company that developed EG Spinner – declares it’s 99% efficient in filtering particulate matter with a diameter of 1 µm. Such efficiency is a result of a Double Spin Force system – a dual flow guide of swirling gas. In this way, the value of centrifugal force goes up which makes the process of separating oil fractions and solid particles present in oil more efficient.

To make the job easier for the assembly workers, Easy Adjust system was used. It includes rotative (360°) nozzles (diameter of 12 or 16 mm can be chosen) perpendicular to each other, responsible for letting the gas in and out. Thanks to this, the filter can be installed in virtually any location in an engine chamber and set in the most convenient way. Small size (100x80x80 mm) will certainly help. Each copy of EG Spinner also includes a mounting bracket. Sounds good but time will tell whether the customers will like it.


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