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Polish LPG companies around the world

Polish autogas systems are very popular in their domestic market. According to a number of opinions, foreign companies seek inspiration in made-in-Poland ECU's and other components due to their technological advancement. This is especially true as fas as Polish-specific functions and options are concerned.
An AC STAG 300 Premium ECU© gazeo.comThe STAG brand is recognised in many markets across the world

It is not unusual that an ECU's software, its interface and functionality are the result of close cooperation between LPG equipment manufacturers and installers. The latter ones in turn take their suggestions directly from end users. As a result, ECU's constantly evolve and adapt to the changing needs and expectations of the market, which goes to show how flexible manufacturers are. This flexibility makes it possible to quickly adjust products to the needs of foreign markets or expectations of specific distributors.


For rather obvious reasons, not all manufacturers wish to publicise their foreign market success. Because of this, the following text only covers some companies. A comprehensive list would have been much longer.


AC's products are distributed in more than 30 countries all over the world. Foreign sales accounted for 56% of the company's income. Key markets include Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Thailand.

The new Agis ECU© gazeo.comThe majority of App Studio's production volume is exported

App Studio

This company's annual output has been virtually doubling for the last couple of years, which is mainly attributed to rising exports. As we have learned at the source, App Studio's products are chiefly sold abroad. Expanding markets are specifically important, because drivers there are particularly oriented towards keeping the running costs of their cars down.

The Zenit Pro ECU from Auto-Gaz Centrum© gazeo.comAs much as half of Auto-Gaz Centrum's production volume is exported

Auto-Gaz Centrum

Also for Auto-Gaz Centrum Poland is only one of the markets where the company is present. Foreign sales, both in Europe and outside the continent, account for as much as 50% of Auto-Gaz Centrum's business. The firm's products reach over 30 countries around the globe and the number is on the rise.

There are several key factors to consider when it comes to entering a new market, among them adsorptive power and future prospects. And when a market becomes saturated (like Germany, Thailand or Ukraine), the most important thing is to retain a constant level of sales. In order to achieve this, Auto-Gaz Centrum sets up strategic local distribution centres. The firm names China and India as prospective markets for future business and highlights the fact that the brand is already recognised there and the products receive praise.

The product range of Elpigaz includes LC (Large Capacity) tanks© gazeo.comThe broad range of tanks offered by Elpigaz helps improve the company's export operations


Exports are on the rise in case of Elpigaz, too. This in part because of the fact that the company offers complete autogas kits, including tanks made at a dedicated plant in Gorlice. The main export direction for Elpigaz is the former Soviet Union, in particular Russia.

In 2011, the company exported approximately 30% of its production output. In 2012, the proportion will have likely risen to or even exceeded 40%, judging by figures achieved so far. Exports boost are largely augmented by the company's broad offer, especially in terms of LPG tanks. According to representatives of Elpigaz, the firm's catalogue of tanks is unparalelled, which generates foreign buyers interest, mainly in terms of specialised, non-typical tanks, not offered by other manufacturers. This is extremely true as far as the LC (Large Capacity) and vertical tanks dedicated for trucks are concerned.

Elpigaz seeks business opportunities beyond Europe, concentrating on markets where autogas is well-established and broadly used. These are the Far East, South America and Africa.

. Europegas. As much as 75% of Europegas' production volume is exported. The firm supplies the global market with over 80 thousand ECU's and approximately 250 thousand other components used in automotive LPG systems.. The company is present in Asia, South America and Europe, it is also an authorised, exclusive distributor of Hana H2000 and H2100 injectors from Korea for Central and East Europe, as well as Russia. Europegas also has a sales representative in Athens, Greece.. The fi…

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