Rail FG4 - gaseous merry-go-round

During the 2015 edition of the GasShow fair Rail presented a new vapour state autogas and CNG filter. As several filters before it, it uses centrifugal force for the sake of clearing gaseous fuel before delivering it to injectors.
Rail FG4 filter© RailThanks to disposable inserts, the FG4 may be used for a long time. The steering jet is part of the housing

Inside, the filter includes an LPG flow steering jet that forces the fuel entering the filter throught the inlet connector to spin around (this is called the Vortex-System). Thanks to the fact that solid contaminants and oily fractions contained within LPG have higher inertia than the fuel itself, the unwanted ingredients are pushed out of the flow and drip to the container located at the bottom. The container must be regularly emptied. Once the merry-go-round part is over, LPG is filtered the old-fashioned way.

The housing of the FG4 features appropriate sockets in which Bosch, Continental or Siemens pressure and temperature filters can be mounted if required. The diameter of the inlet and outlet LPG connectors is 12 mm. The FG4 complies with 67R-01 and 110R-00 regulations, which means it can be used for low-pressure applications on car running on either LPG or CNG. The product is readily available.


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