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EuropeGAS EG Avance 32 - as simple as it gets

The EG Avance 32 is a new autogas system ECU by EuropeGAS. It's been designed for converting 4-cylinder engines and, despite being functionally advanced, at 120x95x35 mm it remains very compact on the outside.
EuropeGAS' EG Avance 32 ECU© EuropeGASCompact, yet potent - the EG Avance 32 in all its glory

Configuration- and fitting-wise, the ECU has been simplified to make things easier for installers, especially those with little hands-on experience. Regardless of experience, the limited amount of work and time required to fit and calibrate the system should be universally appreciated by all installers alike.

Most of the features accounting for the ease of configuration are within the software. The configuration creator is a step-by-step guide through the calibration process. It's said to be very precise and to prove it, EuropeGAS warrants that 80% of all cars with 4-cylinder engines available worldwide can be properly configured with this tool.

The ECU supports throttle-less engines (e. g. Valvetronic) and does not require manual determining of the converted car's OBD communication protocol, as the EG Avance 32 detects it automatically. Furthermore, the controller features a pre-programmed database of LPG injector characteristics – choosing the right model from the list means an automatic adjustment of settings. Collecting map samples in petrol mode or calculating the quantifier are not required.

Interestingly, the ECU can be calibrated without a computer, with the help of an LPG/petrol switch only. Pressing the button on the switch and holding it for 5 seconds initiates the full autogas system calibration procedure. Other features include altering injector sequence from software level (without having to reconnect the injectors physically), introducing petrol interjections at certain load levels or recording working times of LPG injectors and filters. Measuring power and torque during a test drive is also possible. The ECU is available now.


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