Fleetguard NG5900 - filter for CNG engines

Fleetguard filters are manufactured by Cummins Filtration. The company supplies filters for engines manufactured by Cummins, as well as for the secondary market, including filters for other drive units.
Fleetguard NG5900 natural gas filter© gazeo.comFleetguard NG5900 natural gas filter is used in engines powered by this type of fuel

Fleetguard offers filters for all components used in modern engines, including fuel filters. One of the more commonly used types of fuel in heavy vehicles and buses is natural gas. This is the type of fuel that Fleetguard NG5900 filter is dedicated to.

From the outside, the filter looks pretty ordinary. It’s a typical spin-on fuel filter equipped with a condensate drain valve. But its structure is a bit different than in other filters. It’s more durable because gaseous fuel is filtered under positive pressure. That’s why the filter casing parting pressure is nearly 3.5 MPa. The casing must withstand a minimum of 60 thousand cycles of pressure changes.

Another difference in relation to other fuel filters is reversed direction of flow. Gas flows through the filter cartridge placed inside the casing from inside to outside. Therefore, impurities in the form of solid particles that are present in natural gas, accumulate inside the filter cartridge in minimum quantities. Thus, filter capacity to retain particulate matter is only 2 g. The filter catches 100% of particulate matter larger than 25 microns.

Gaseous fuel flows through the filter from the inside of the cartridge to the outside. Larger particles are formed from aerosol (water and oil) contained in it, and they flow down the outside surface of the filter cartridge to the bottom of the casing in which a large space was made to collect them. From time to time, a driver has to unscrew the valve located at the bottom of the filter and remove impurities accumulated inside it. NG5900 filter is characterized by a 99% efficiency in coalescence for droplets larger than 0.3 microns. It means that 99% of droplets with at least such diameter is trapped by the filter and drips to the sump in the bottom of the casing.


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