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© / Vacuum-operated autogas systems for cars with carbureted engines still have a future in Russia and neighbouring countries poprzednie następne
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EuropeGAS at the 2014 GasSuf fair

EuropeGAS at the 2014 GasSuf fair ©

Russia may be self-sufficient when it comes to oil and gas excavation and refining (which means LPG and CNG are abundant there), but autogas systems need to be imported there from abroad. This is an opportunity knocking for Polish companies, among them EuropeGAS.
EuropeGAS EG Avance 32 ECU© gazeo.comThe EG Avance 32 ECU is a newcomer and not only to the Russian market

Polish manufacturers of autogas systems and their components have been seeking new markets for a while now. Asia, South America, the US and Russia are particularly promising. The potential of Russia is huge and if Polish companies don't try and harness it, others will, so being at the Moscow fair is definitely worthwhile. EuropeGAS was present at the 2014 GasSuf through the company's local official branch.

Launching an official branch instead of just finding a local partner to represent the company abroad gives EuropeGAS more operative flexibility and the ability to quicker respond to the needs and expectations of the entire market and individual customers. The Russian branch has been operating since 2012, including since May 2014 directly in Moscow – the country's capital in the literal sense and business-wise. The location is convenient for expansion both inside Russia and outside, into former Soviet Union countries. EuropeGAS has used a similar strategy (branch instead of representative/dealer) in Ukraine.


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Obviously, the GasSuf fair was an outstanding opportunity for the company to present its range of products, some of them for the first time ever. The EG Spinner clarifier filter made its global debut on the event's floor, accompanied by the new autogas systems ECU called the EG Avance 32, which is very compact in size, yet has all the functions of full-sized ECU's, including OBD compatibility and petrol interjections. The Oscar 55 Dynamic – the ECU with built-in ignition advance angle variator – was also there, as were other EuropeGAS products: Oscar-N and Oscar-N Diesel ECU's, EG 2000 injectors and EuropePLAST thermoplastic LPG hoses.

EuropeGAS Oscar 55 Dynamic ECU© gazeo.comThe Oscar 55 Dynamic ECU was one of the most heavily promoted products during the 2014 GasSuf fair

But coming back to Russia, EuropeGAS believes the potential of the market in the country is huge, particularly in LPG category. It may seem paradoxical, since autogas is the side product of refining crude oil and natural gas purifying. Yet CNG isn't king in Russia due to a relatively poorly developed refueling infrastructure, which favours the use of LPG. This is bound to change, however, since Gazprom and Rosnieft are going to jointly develop the network of CNG stations, but for the time being autogas remains ahead of natural gas as motor fuel.

EuropeGAS acclaims the Moscow fair. Participating in them allowed the company to make a number of valuable business contacts and start a couple of promising endeavours in Russia and beyond. The company has already announced they will also take part in the 2015 edition of the GasSuf to continue developing their activities in this part of the world.


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