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GGS 121 - LPG composition sensor

Varying proportions of propane and buthane within autogas composition may cause engine performance issues, in particular for city buses, which by definition operate under difficult, demanding conditions. But help is on its way!
Intec Autogas GGS 121 LPG composition sensor© Intec AutogasCompact and easy to fit

Intec Autogas, a company from Germany, claims to have found a solution. The GGS 121 sensor monitors the proportions of propane and buthane (the two primary components of LPG) within autogas supplied to the engine and communicates with the autogas system's ECU to calculate the most appropriate fuel dose in real time. This way engine parameters are optimised, especially in regard to emissions of harmful particles.

Autogas composition is monitored near the tank, when LPG is still in its liquid state. The sensor measures gas temperature and pressure and then compares the data with propane and buthane saturation curves to determine composition of autogas flowing from the tank. According to Intec Autogas, the GGS 121 makes engines run smooth regardless of LPG composition (which, by the way, differs in summer and winter in a number of countries). The device is patented in Germany.


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