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GasShow 2017 has begun!

GasShow 2017 has begun! ©

What the entire LPG, CNG and LNG sector had been waiting for has finally happened – the 2017 edition of the GasShow fair, the annual gaseous alternative fuels fest, is now open to public. We have two days of premieres, talks and speeches ahead of us. Shall we start?
GasShow 2017 at the EXPO XXI hall© gazeo.comThe gaseous fuels fest has started! It will last until Saturday afternoon, so you can still make it

The GasShow is the gaseous fuel sector's reference point – obtaining information regarding new systems and components from their producers prior to the fair is next to impossible. And if anyone does share some details, they're usually very general. On the other hand, this kind of approach enhances the mood of expectation and encourages visitors to jump to exhibition booths almost like hungry beasts right after the opening of the event. And that's just what we're about to do!

Since tradition (and our position among the LPG/CNG/LNG sector's media) obliges us, we'll be sharing the impressions straight from the show floor with you the entire time and we'll publish a broader, more detailed coverage of the event as soon as possible, most probably on Monday. Be sure to visit us regularly and seek articles bearing the GasShow 2017 tag – click it to instantly access all news items related to the fair. Don't miss out on anything!


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