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ERC powers GasShow 2017

ERC of Germany, developer and manufacturer of fuel additives and valve saver fluids for LPG- and CNG-powered engines, is the main sponsor of the 2017 GasShow fair. The event will serve as a great opportunity to promote the company's latest product.
ERC MPULSER© ERCPetrol system failing? MPULSER to the rescue!

ERC has long been known in the LPG/CNG sector primarily thanks to its GasLube range of products – valve saver fluids for engines converted to run on gaseous alternative fuels. However, the company will debut a brand new product in Warsaw on April 7-8 – the MPULSER. It stabilises petrol, cleans the fuel system and tackles corrosion, which makes it perfect for use in LPG-/CNG-powered cars, whose engines run on petrol sporadically and in small amounts. This may lead to fuel aging in the tank, separation of water and corrosion of the fuel system. The specially compunded ingredients of the MPULSER clean and protect, preventing costly repairs.

Tests conducted by ERC have proven efficiency of the MPULSER. Not only does the additive prevent corrosion and buildup of residues and contamination, but also it removes existing deposits. This way the product restores rarely used petrol injectors to full functionality and helps high-mileage engines regain former power. It is very simple to apply – it's enough to add the contents of a bottle (200 ml) to 50 l of petrol every other refill. It is also highly recommended to use the product before periods of scheduled downtime (the MPULSER can also be used on engines of boats, garden machinery, power generators and any other petrol-fueled machines used periodically). Having mixed with fuel, the MPULSER penetrates the entire petrol system, keeping it in good running condition.

Be sure to visit the 2017 GasShow fair and ERC's stand to learn more about this and other products from the company's broad range. The event starts on April 7 in the EXPO XXI exhibition centre in Warsaw, Poland. Don't miss out!


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