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The premieres of GasShow 2013

The premieres of GasShow 2013  

Yet another edition of the GasShow came and went. Over two days of the fair, more than 120 exhibitors from Poland and across the globe presented all the LPG/CNG sector has to offer on the floor of Warsaw's Expo XXI exhibition centre. Yet the GasShow is mainly a display of LPG technology. More than 5 thousand people, among them many autogas system installers and component suppliers, came to see what is new in the game.
Zenit Pro Diesel ECU© gazeo.comThe Zenit Pro Diesel

Just like in the previous years, the 2013 GasShow was an opportunity to present many products for the very first time. Many of them were systems enabling partial diesel substitution with LPG in order to slash running costs and emissions. Diesel-gas premieres were celebrated at the stands of Auto-Gaz Centrum, App Studio and Elpigaz, among others.

Auto-Gaz Centrum's Zenit Pro Diesel has the option of emulating two of the sensors used in a compression-ignition engine in order to reduce the diesel fuel dose. Thanks to this strategy, the Zenit Pro Diesel is capable of displacing up to 30% with LPG. Another interesting feature is the voltage converter, thanks to which the system may be powered directly from a truck's or a bus' 24 V electrical installation.

Agis Diesel ECU© gazeo.comThe Agis Diesel - soon on App Studio's offer

Another new product in this category is the Agis Diesel by App Studio. This system enables emulation of up to 4 engine sensors, which is said by the manufacturer to make it possible to displace as much as 60% of diesel in favour of LPG.

Gdansk's Elpigaz displayed the second generation of its DegaMix system. The new DegaMix II is a 2-map system, capable of controlling the LPG dose, but also of emulating the diesel fuel pressure sensor, thus leading to a reduction of diesel use.

Displayed outside the exhibition hall was the STAG Diesel by AC, fitted to a Citroën Jumper van. This conversion was based on a CNG system, blending up to 35% natural gas into the car's original diesel fuel. An LPG version of the STAG Diesel was showcased through a converted farm tractor standing nearby.

A Fiat Ducato with Landi Renzo's diesel-gas system© gazeo.comLandi Renzo's Omegas Dual Fuel on a Fiat Ducato

Yet another diesel-gas system celebrating its debut during this year's GasShow was the LPG version of Landi Renzo's Omegas Dual Fuel. Fitted to a Fiat Ducato, the product currently undergoes thorough testing procedures. The CNG variant of the system has been available in Italy for a couple of months now and can be used to convert a number of Fiat engines.

The Lithuanian company Tamona brought a diesel-gas system to Warsaw, too. The Tamona GD is now in its final stages of approval procedures before it can be launched commercially on the market. Two versions of the GD will be available – one for passenger cars (with up to 2 gas injectors) and the other for trucks (with up to 8 injectors suport). EuroGasService, also from Lithuania, showcased their own diesel-gas system, the EGS DI. LPGTech and Stefanelli had their own diesel-blending systems ready, too. Yet the GasShow is not all about premieres and new products, so some already known dual fuel systems were also on display, among them the Solaris Diesel by Car Gaz, the Oscar-N Diesel by Europegas and Global Gas' Blue Power. As far as the Oscar-N Diesel is concerned, its latest incarnation (to be introduced soon) will offer power and torque measuring without putting the car on a dyno bench.

A Peugeot 308 with Stefanelli's diesel-gas system© gazeo.comStefanelli's diesel-gas system on a Peugeot 308

LPG systems for direct-injected petrol engines were another large group of products on the floor of the Expo XXI centre this year. Many of them were based on the idea first introduced by Vialle, namely direct injection of liquid-state autogas right through OEM petrol injectors. Vialle's original LPdi was also there in Warsaw, displayed at a stand shared by the Dutch company and LTA Polonia – its Polish representative and distributor. The system has been improved and now features an additional petrol pump to raise pressure and make switching from LPG to petrol faster and easier.

Czakram, the Polish subsidiary of BRC, displayed a similar solution under the name of LDI (LPG Direct Injection). It can be used to convert Volkswagen Group's TSI and TFSI engines to run on autogas and it will be available for purchase very soon.

A Kia Cee'd with Vialle's LPdi system© gazeo.comVialle's LPdi system on a Kia Cee'd

Polish manufacturers showcased their own propositions of liquid-state direct autogas injection solutions. App Studio displayed the soon-to-be-available Agis Direct fitted on an Opel Insignia Turbo 4x4 and AC brought a Skoda Roomster 1,2 TSI converted to run on LPG with hardly any petrol with a new STAG 400 DPI (a CNG variant was also on display). Auto Gaz Holandia, an importer and distributor of Dutch LPG systems, prepared a Polish debut for the long-absent Icom's new JTG HP system, also using OEM fuel pumps and injectors to apply autogas directly to the engine's combustion chambers.

Aside from liquid-state direct injection systems there are also gaseous-state indirect LPG injection ones. Landi Renzo has two of them, one being the Omegas Direct we already know (fitted to a Skoda Rapid) and the other – the Lovato Easy Fast Direct, showcased on a converted Volkswagen Golf Variant. A similar solution, although said to need no petrol at all apart from the warm-up phase, was presented by Prins in the form of the VSI-DI 2.0 on a spectacular, head-turning Porsche Panamera.

AC's STAG 400 DPI system on a Skoda Roomster 1,2 TSI© gazeo.comAC's STAG 400 DPI - direct liquid LPG injection

All the above does not mean that regular gaseous-state indirect LPG injection systems for MPI engines are gone. On the contrary, they are doing fine and are constantly improved. They remain the most popular autogas systems on the market today, so no wonder producers do whatever they can to make those systems as user- and installer-friendly as possible. New options, including those allowing precise calibration, OBD compatibility and support or LPG system's sealing testing.

New products this year included Global Gas' new brand – Green Gas – offering 4th generation autogas injection systems based on AEB's software: MP 32, MP 48, MP 48 OBD and 2568D. Auto Gaz Holandia displayed the improved JTG by Icom (liquid-state port injection), which is said to be a completely new solution as compared to its namesake predecessor. GasShow 2013 was also the arena for Alex's Optima systems to be presented in public for the first time. They are available in two "flavours” – the economical Eco-Tec and the OBD-compatible Pro-Tec.

The new MV4 ECU by Versusgas© gazeo.comThe MV4 by Versusgas

Complete systems were accompanied by ECU's. Landi Renzo brought the Omegas Evo – the regular Omegas' simpler and cheaper version, used for official conversions of the Skoda Citigo. Tamona presented the TGStream PM, housed in a small case and dedicated to conversions of 3- and 4-cylinder engines only. Versusgas showcased the MV4 family (for 4-cylinder engines only), consisting of the basic model and the MV4 Pro. The Pro version includes SCS – an automatic adaptation feature which monitors the LPG system parameters in real time and corrects gas injection times whenever necessary. It also features LDS – a sealing monitoring tool which checks if LPG pressure is not too low, thus indicating a possible leak.

The Stella Maris ECU by Elpigaz© gazeo.comThe Stella Maris - a new ECU by Elpigaz for the company's PopularLine range

Elpigaz debuted the new Stella Maris ECU as a part of its PopularLine range of products. It has been designed for converting 4-cylinder engines to run on either LPG or CNG under the condition they have up to 160 PS of power and use sequential, semi-sequential or full-group fuel injectione strategy. Auto-Gaz Centrum exhibited thei updated Zenit Pro and Zenit Pro OBD ECU's, now featuring the useful auto-adaptation option. The OBD variant includes a built-in OBD scanner with all the functions typical of external OBD scanners, among them monitoring of parameters, reading errors and deleting them. Last but not least, Europegas' Oscar-N OBD CAN Dynamic has an integrated advance angle variator, enabling adjustment of ignition characteristics for LPG and petrol separately.

. Obviously, there were some new reducers on display as well, among them the two-stage RGJ 3 DD developed especially for the Lovato Easy Fast Direct system. The vapouriser is capable of adjusting output LPG pressure depending on intake manifold pressure, which is said to make conversions of direct-injected petrol engines more efficient. Lovato's parent company, Landi Renzo, had some debuts in this category, too, including the LI 10 Turbo (a variant of the LI 10 for more powerful engines, rep…

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