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© / The Zenit Pro Direct was the main feature at Auto-Gaz Centrum’s stand poprzednie następne

GasShow 2014 - news from the gas market

GasShow 2014 - news from the gas market ©

The latest edition of the GasShow is history. The exhibition was visited by 6,5 thousand people. A series of new products was prepared by 175 exhibitors from around the world. These products include complete new gas systems, their individual components, supplies and accessories necessary for proper functioning of LPG systems.
Agis Direct Liquid© gazeo.comAgis Direct Liquid in the engine bay of an Audi

The future of automotive gas injection systems relies on new trends in engine technology. Commonly used engines with direct petrol injection cause that gas systems for those engines are offered by a growing number of manufacturers. These are not test solutions – like they still were a couple of years ago – but systems dedicated to specific engines. But, as examples show, some systems are more universal than others.

Different manufacturers approach the topic of LPG systems for engines with direct petrol injection differently. The systems used include injecting LPG in liquid state through original petrol injectors (5th, or as some claim, 6th generation), as well as systems that inject LPG in vapour state (4th generation). Both types were represented at the event.

Zenit Pro Direct© gazeo.comAuto-Gaz Centrum's Zenit Pro Direct

Systems for engines with direct petrol injection were represented, among others, by the Agis Direct Liquid developed by App Studio. It doses liquid gas straight into combustion chambers through petrol injectors. The manufacturer claims this system is versatile and soon (within a few months after the fair) will be included in the company’s offer in Poland.

Another Polish manufacturer – Auto-Gaz Centrum – presented the Zenit Pro Direct system that doses LPG in vapour state. The ECU carries out post-injections of petrol that ensures cooling of petrol injectors’ tips and cleaning them of any combustion products. This system was awarded the INPRO 2014 award by the fair organizer.

LPGTECH LGI system© gazeo.comLPGTECH's LGI system in a VW Passat

KME also went back to the idea of powering engines with direct petrol injection, presenting the Fox ECU for such engines during GasShow 2014.

Another system that uses the idea of injecting LPG in liquid state through petrol injectors was the TECH LGI (Liquid Gas Injection) manufactured by LPGTECH. Work on indirect liquid state injection started 2 years ago. The currently presented systems injects liquid LPG straight to combustion chambers. Unlike other such systems, LGI has no additional petrol pump. LPGTECH wants to introduce the TECH LGI system to their offer in 2014.

The Dutch company Prins presented very interesting systems for engines with direct petrol injection. This manufacturer offers both types of systems (indirect injection of vapour state LPG and direct injection of liquid state LPG through petrol injectors), claiming that both solutions may be used, depending on the converted engine.

Prins’s VSI 2.0 DI system© gazeo.comPrins’s VSI 2.0 DI system

The Prins VSI 2.0 DI (indirect vapour state injection) supplies the engine with post-injections of minimum amounts of petrol. According to the manufacturer, depending on the working conditions, the amount of petrol in total fuel consumption ranges from 3 to 5%. The system is covered by a 3-year warranty.

The Prins Direct LiquiMax 2.0 doses gas in liquid state directly into combustion chambers. This system is covered by a 5-year warranty. Both Dutch systems for engines with direct petrol injection won INPRO 2014 awards.

Landi Renzo Poland is getting ready to put the Lovato Easy Fast Direct system on the market. It’s a system that doses LPG in vapour state. Prior to the start of sales, a series of trainings will be carried out that will familiarize installers with build and operation of engines with direct petrol injection, and with installation techniques.

Lovato Easy Fast Direct© gazeo.comLovato Easy Fast Direct

AC also showed their system that’s been available for some time – the STAG 400 DPI.

Indirect liquid state LPG injection systems

LiquidSi – presented by Vialle – is the company’s first LPG liquid state system available at price range comparable to top shelf 4th generation systems. This translates to a lot of interest in this system and it keeps on becoming more and more popular. A similar system was presented by Tamona, a company that supplies Vialle’s LiquidSi with ECU's.

Visitors could also learn about the LSI (Liquid Sequential Injection) system at GasItaly’s stand.


AC's STAG 200 GoFast ECU© gazeo.comAC's STAG 200 GoFast ECU


Many manufacturers presented new ECU's for gas systems. These were usually cheaper and simplified devices, offering basic functions used to adapt the most popular engines, very easy to install and calibrate – a nod to conversion shops that install gas systems.

Such devices include the 32-pin STAG 200 GoFast ECU with its assembly (there’s no need to connect positive electrical signal and RPM signal), starting and calibration (all parameters are on one screen) simplified as much as possible. The STAG 200 GoFast represents the more affordable range of STAG ECU's.

Another new ECU developed by AC is the STAG-4 QBox Plus enhanced with additional features (such as enhanced Intelligent Auto-adaptation System and OBD reader). The QBox Plus represents the range of more complex LPG ECU's by AC.

Europegas Oscar 32 OBD ECU© gazeo.comOscar 32 OBD ECU

Tamona from Lithuania presented a very simple ECU. The TGstream-PS is an ECU integrated with a gas pressure and temperature sensor. It uses only the reducer’s temperature sensor.

Europegas’s Oscar 32 OBD is – according to the manufacturer – the smallest ECU with OBD compatibility on the market. It’s designed for the most popular 4-cylinder engines on the market and easy to install (limited number of signals that have to be connected, and simplified configuration and auto-calibration). The ECU – equipped with a 32-pin connector – got the INPRO 2014 award. It will be sold in Poland by Inter Cars as the 4Gas II.

Alex has also introduced new ECU's to their offer. These are AEB products with appropriately customized software and are a part of Alex by AEB range. The company decided to work with the Italians focusing mostly on systems for engines with direct petrol injection.

Elpigaz Stella Vela ECU© gazeo.comStella Vela ECU

Elpigaz added a new Stella Vela ECU for 4-cylinder engines to their PopularLine series. The company also presented a new Stella 4DPI 6/8 ECU. It’s able to register current waveforms of petrol injectors (like an oscilloscope) to set their appropriate emulation. This product has been awarded the INPRO 2014 award.

Techland from Białystok is a new ECU manufacturer on the Polish market. The company used to be only a wholesaler of LPG systems. Quick Start and Quick Can ECU's are available for 4-, 6-, and 8-cylinder engines.

To meet market demand, also Landi Renzo introduces an economical gas system based on the new 32-pin Lovato E-Go ECU. It’s an economical version of the Lovato Smart system, without additional functions. It’s use will be limited to the most popular 4-cylinder engines on the market. The ECU will work with Lovato JP rails, which – unlike the ones used in the Lovato Smart – will have the option of regenerating.

Lovato E-Go ECU© gazeo.comLovato E-Go ECU

Among those awarded with INPRO 2014 awards were also the Nevo Pro ECU manufactured by KME and LPGTECH’s TECH-X3X OBD LBR controller.


AC presented their single-stage AC-R02 reducer designed for engines with up to 120 PS. This reducer is characterized by excellent thermal and pressure stability. Even while working at maximum efficiency – which happens very rarely – the drop in output pressure is minimal, and variations of this parameter depending on the pressure in the tank are negligible.

VersusGas presented a very interesting reducer. The VR-C Tauro is a pressure reducer for CNG systems. It’s small, but ensures high efficiency level at about 100 kg/h. This is due to patented solutions used in this device. This reducer got the INPRO 2014 award.

KME's Twin Special Edition reducer© gazeo.comKME's Twin Special Edition reducer

KME presented the Twin Special Edition reducer that can power 408 PS engines. It consists of two joined Tur reducers. One is a mirror image of the other. Pressure and temperature stability provides the right amount of gas under the engine’s all operating conditions.

Interestingly, KME reducers are offered by Elpigaz under the Drago brand. These are the Drago Grande (up to 200 PS) and the Drago Sport (up to 350 PS) reducers.

The organizers once again praised reducers manufactured by Palacar. KR-03 reducers got the INPRO 2014 award. They serve with engines of up to 250 and up to 400 PS.

App Studio will soon start selling their new reducer. The reducer, which we wrote about back in 2012, will be available in the second half of 2014. Its body will be a casting made in cooperation with another company, whereas all the covers will be manufactured by App Studio from plastic.

Europegas EG2000 injector© gazeo.comThe EG2000 LPG injector manufactured by Europegas received the INPRO 2014 award

LPG injectors

Europegas presented an interesting injector. The EG2000, as it's called, evolved from Hana injectors. The difference is that this new product is demountable, which makes it easier to remove any impurities from it.

Palacar debuted their new injection rail at the GasShow. The product is a well-thought design that uses materials with appropriate magnetism that provide swift operation. A chromium layer was brush-plated onto the 3 g piston (it ensures high durability), as well as a very thin layer of Teflon protecting it from pollution that would otherwise stick to its surface.

The AC W02-1 is a new injector by AC. The injector is ribbed to give up more heat. Its characteristics change slightly during the operation period which is estimated by the manufacturer at 100 thousand kilometers in urban conditions and 200 thousand kilometers outside cities. This injector is demountable.

AC W02-1 injector© gazeo.comAC W02-1 injector

LPGTECH received an award at the fair for their TECH Dragon injector. Their injector is really fast (it opens up in less than 1,9 ms and closes in less than 0,9 ms).

The new Eco Evo injection rail was presented at Landi Renzo’s stand. The rail – manufactured by MED – will be used in Omegas Evo OBD systems used as 0 km applications. It will not be available on the aftermarket. Another new rail offered by Landi Renzo is manufactured by AEB and mated with Omegas Evo non-OBD systems.

Diesel-gas systems

Gas systems for self-ignition engines are also very popular. Although savings from their use are biggest with engines used in trucks and powered by CNG, LPG systems are also constantly developed. Many manufacturers started making such systems or introducing them to the Polish market, and the companies that already operate in Poland introduce new systems that are more attractive, allow precise calibration and bring the user (or carrier) additional benefits, such as being able to monitor the car’s work in real time. One such system – Solaris Diesel Premium – is offered by Car-Gaz.

Prins presented an interesting system. The Iveco Stralis displayed outside the hall had been equipped with the Dieselblend 2.0 that operated on natural gas stored in liquid state in a cryogenic tank. As stated by the manufacturer’s spokesperson, savings with CNG/LNG are as high as 40%, and 20% when using LPG.. A gas system for diesel engines was also presented by LPGTECH. It was installed in a MAN TGA, whereas AC presented their STAG Diesel system in a Toyota Hilux.. …

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