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© / Romano brought one of its autogas systems installed on a Skoda Citigo poprzednie następne

GasShow 2016 - the premieres

GasShow 2016 - the premieres ©

Poland is one of the world's largest manufacturers of complete systems and components. No wonder then why one of the largest fair events of the global gaseous fuel sector takes place in Warsaw, the Polish capital. Sit back and enjoy coverage of the 2016 GasShow.
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DGI stand© gazeo.comDGI's LCC system was showcased on an insanely powerful Audi RS6

Direct fuel injection is the name of the game today and the autogas sector does everything it can to remain up to date with what's going on in cars today. This was clearly visible during the 2016 edition of GasShow, where LPG systems for direct-injected engines were dominant among this year's premieres. Many of those systems utilise direct liquid state autogas injection via petrol injectors (eliminating the need to use petrol altogether), as we will show you below.

Many Polish manufacturers are in the process of developing and testing direct liquid state LPG injection systems, including App Studio or AC S.A., but these two particular companies were not present at the Expo XXI exhibition centre, so let's focus instead on those who were. One of the showcased solutions was an already-known product by Prins – the Direct LiquiMax – while two Polish offerings were brand new developments by companies who themselves debuted in Warsaw: DGI and LGITECH.

Skoda Octavia LGITECH SYMBIO© gazeo.comLGITECH's SYMBIO system was showcased on a Skoda Octavia featuring two separate fuel systems - an MPI one and a DI one

Let's start with the latter. LGITECH is a joint venture by LPGTECH (who provided financial support to develop the product) and people who actually conceived and developed the LGITECH SYMBIO system – Jacek Marenin and Paweł Czekalski. The SYMBIO is a 6th generation system, which injects liquid, non-vapourised LPG directly into the combustion chambers of an engine via the petrol injectors. Unlike many previously available products of this kind, it's supposed to be versatile (versus engine-code specific) and applicable to any DI petrol engine.

Interestingly, the system does not utilise a separate ECU – LPG injection is governed by the original ECU of the engine. The SYMBIO is currently undergoing certification and should be available shortly. According to LGITECH's estimates, it should be considerably more affordable than currently offered solutions of this kind.

LPGTECH TECH-YETI injector rail© gazeo.comThe TECH-YETI injector rail was one of LPGTECH's premieres for 2016

LPGTECH has some new products in stock, too. The already known TECH-DRAGON injectors have been revamped and renamed TECH-DRAGON Silver and TECH-DRAGON Gold to show the difference in their efficiency more clearly. Apart from this, the company also debuted the all-new TECH-YETI injector rail, which has been designed for use in extremely low temperatures (even -40° C).

Another new initiative on the Polish market is DGI – a company started by Krzysztof Łapiński, a man active in the LPG business for years. The company focuses on developing liquid state LPG injection systems, both for MPI engines (DGI LM) and DI ones (DGI LCC). The latter product was displayed in prototype form on two converted cars featuring TSI/TFSI engines – an Audi RS6 and a Volkswagen Passat CC.

Ford EcoBoost LPG range© gazeo.comFancy an LPG-powered Ford? In Poland you can now get one with a Prins Direct LiquiMax system

Prins Autogaz, the Polish distributor of the Dutch company, did not have a stand inside the Expo XXI hall, but did display a fleet of vehicles outside, all of which featured the 6th generation Direct LiquiMax system. The exhibition was dominated by Fords, but a Mercedes E-class was also there. The choice of cars was far from coincidental – Fords featuring EcoBoost engines have lately been made available straight from dealerships with Prins' LPG systems. Conversions of previously purchased vehicles are also available.

EuropeGAS had one of the biggest stands of GasShow 2016 and it served to present a number of new products. One of them was the Metano CNG reducer, others included EG 2000 LPG/CNG injectors (both the Metano and the EG 2000 received INPRO Awards) and the EG Superior 48 LPG/CNG system ECU. Formerly known and offered products were also on display and apart from showcasing its developments at the stand the company also offered a series of technological trainings in the conference part of the Expo XXI centre.

EuropeGAS EG 2000 injector rail© gazeo.comEuropeGAS updated the EG 2000 rail for GasShow 2016

Romano of Italy was also there in Warsaw. The company was present during past editions of GasShow, but until now it was mainly presence for presence's sake. Now Romano wants to secure its share of the Polish market, so the 2016 GasShow was the place and time to start discussions with prospective local distributors and installers. As for the stand, there was a Skoda Citigo on display. Interestingly, it featured two gaseous state LPG filters between the autogas system's reducer and injector rail.

Elpigaz of Gdansk, Poland debuted an interesting product, although belonging to the software rather than hardware category. It was an app for issuing autogas system certification extracts, required for every conversion done. The app uses a QR code reader to make the process considerably shorter – the document is filled in automatically based on codes scanned from the car's ID and LPG components. And not only is the entire procedure more efficient, it's also foolproof as there is no risk of manually entering the wrong VIN, for instance. Also, if the installer has no valid, certified exhaust gas analyser or the workshop's insurance is about to expire, the certification extract will not be issued.

ZWAM Czaja's new LPG filter for forklifts© gazeo.comZWM Czaja's LPG filter for forklifts needs to complete certification before it can enter sales

ZWM Czaja debuted a new filter for forklifts, which is now in the process of obtaining appropriate certification (as is the company's new CNG filter, also displayed). It uses paper as filtering material. Certools, also a manufacturer of gaseous fuel filters, showcased a broad range of products featuring various filtering materials, including the one Certools considers the most efficient – bulprene. The company also offers refueling adapter-filters compatible with various coupling standards (ACME, Italian dish and bayonet).

Digitronic (of Russia) had a big booth, too. The company offers a broad range of systems and components – both for LPG and CNG. The products have been introduced to the Canadian market lately, where they are marketed under the Propalia brand name. New to Digitronic's offer are thermoplastic LPG lines, which come complete with fittings for easier and quicker connection to the components of the autogas system.

Interestingly, Vialle presented a new system based on injection of vapour state LPG. It was a diesel blending solution named Dual Blue. Dedicated Hana injectors debuted along with it and so did a reducer. The Dual Blue ECU features a radiator on the casing to provide sufficient cooling. A similar system for blending diesel oil with CNG/LNG will also be offered under the name Dual Green.. Rempel Power Systems, the company behind the LPG Startbox presented at the 201…

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