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Algeria wants more autogas conversions

In order to support the blooming autogas market, Algerian authorities will cover 50% of conversion costs, starting in the first quarter of 2017. The scheme was announced in 2016 and is now becoming effective.
A fuel station in Algeria© auto-gas.netIn many countries the autogas sector develops without any assistance from the government. In Algeria the officials want to kickstart adoption of the cleaner, cheaper fuel

The financial assistance programme was revealed by an APRUE (National Agency for the Promotion and Rationalisation of the Use of Energy) representative, while actual money is going to come from the Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Cogeneration Fund, created back in 2015. A number of approved autogas system installers have already been selected to carry out the conversions.

This is how it's going to work: the motorist wishing to have his car converted visits an approved installer and once the vehicle is adapted, doesn't have to pay the entire sum (between 50 and 60 thousand Algerian dinars, equivalent to 450-540 US dollars) and then apply for a refund. Instead, the driver pays half of the cost, with the other half refunded to the installer directly from the aforementioned fund.

The scheme will soon be promoted via an extensive campaign nationwide. To complement the conversions programme, new fuel stations will be launched – the plan is to add 1000 more autogas retail points to the 600 already out there by the year 2030. This way LPG will be present at 73% of Algeria's fuel stations, compared to 27% today. We're looking forward to hearing more good autogas-related news from that part of the world soon!


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