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Malta encourages autogas conversions

The government of Malta has come up with an incentive programme to encourage LPG conversions among drivers. There are certain conditions to be met, but the money makes it worth applying. But be advised: first come, first served...

Those who decide to make the switch from petrol to the more affordable and less environmentally harmful autogas may apply for an incentive of 200 euros. To participate in the programme, you need to get a vehicle converted first and apply for partial refund later, but mind you, only cars that fall into the M1 (passenger car capable of carrying up to 9 people, including the driver) or N1 (delivery van with gross weight of up to 3,5 tonnes) categories are eligible.

An autogas station in Malta© expect the offices responsible for accepting autogas incentive applications in Malta should brace themselves for a flood of inquiries

If you were looking for a conversion anyway, you won't mind the fact you'll have to pay the entire cost yourself before applying to retrieve a portion of it, but be aware that the number of grants for 2016 is limited to 250. Applications will be reviewed in the order of placing, so be quick. If you had your car or van converted in 2015, before the decision concerning incentives was announced, don't worry – you may participate in the programme, too, just make haste!

We have a feeling that all the grants allocated for this year will be given away in next to no time at all. After all, it can't be difficult to find 250 drivers who not only want to save money through each refueling, but also would like to cut the conversion cost. We hope for those who fail to qualify that the programme will be extended to enjoy overwhelming success. And congratulations to the Maltese government for the right decision!


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