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40000 autogas systems wanted!

When a blossoming autogas market expands, it does so in a rather rapid fashion. Take Algeria for instance, where 40 thousand conversion kits have recently been ordered to meet the constantly growing demand. LPG-related numbers in that country are becoming impressive...

The quantity of sequential autogas injection systems ordered, to be delivered in 2018 by BRC Gas Equipment of Italy, was in this case easy to determine, since the whole batch has been commissioned by just one entity – the state owned NAFTAL, or National Company for Petroleum Products Marketing and Distribution. Yes, in Algeria the autogas market is state-controlled and centrally-governed. As long as it is developing at a fast pace, what does it matter?

We are pleased to be the preferred partner of NAFTAL to support their strategic programme for the expansion of Autogas use in one of the world’s most promising alternative fuel markets. This is the largest tender we have received from NAFTAL.

Andrea Alghisi, Westport Fuel Systems Chief Operating Officer, Automotive

A fuel station in Algeria© auto-gas.netAutogas is going nowhere... but up!

Since 2002 to date, BRC has delivered 65 thousand LPG conversion kits to Algeria, but never as many at a time as now. And given 40 thousand is quite a number, the new systems will be dispatched in several batches across 2018, with the final one reaching its destination at the end of the year.

When the operation is completed and all the new systems are fitted onto vehicles, there will be 300 thousand autogas-powered cars in Algeria, thus probably making it the largest market for LPG used as engine fuel in Africa. However, long-term plans are far more ambitious – the goal is to achieve 1 million converted cars on the roads by the year 2025. We'll keep an eye out to see how things are going, so stay tuned!


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