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LPG and CNG to grow in Algeria

The North African country of Algeria is one of the latest to want to reduce imports of oil-based fuels by introducing and promoting alternative gaseous fuels. The plans have been outlined in the latest national program for development of energy efficiency between 2016 and 2030.
NAFTAL's CNG station in Algeria (rendered)© NAFTALThis is how Algeria's CNG stations are expected to look like when they go from visualisation to reality

According to the official document, LPG (or autogas) is planned to be used as fuel for passenger cars and light utility vehicles, while CNG (compressed natural gas, or methane) will be utilised in buses. If everything goes as projected, by the year 2030 Algeria should have 1,3 million new LPG conversions and 11000 new CNG-powered buses. Not bad at all, we dare say.

Switching from conventional fuels to LPG and CNG is the easiest way to enhance energy efficiency and cut down on pollution. The latter is particularly important in Algeria since road transport contributes chiefly to air pollution in the country (as it consumes 41% of all energy use), producing approx. 14 million tonnes of CO2 annnually.

There is much room for improvement, since today only 3% vehicles in Algeria run on LPG (65% are diesel-powered and 26% run on petrol). With more autogas-powered vehicles on the roads, energy consumption is projected to drop by 9%, bringing the national budget savings of 42 billion dollars in 2030. Specific plans in terms of LPG conversions for private vehicles are as follows:

  • 50000 units between 2016 and 2020;
  • 70000 units between 2021 and 2025;
  • 100000 units between 2026 and 2030.

Also, in order to meet the goal of 11000 CNG buses by 2030, a conversion centre and CNG service stations will be set up with major input from the National Transportation and Marketing Corporation of Oil Products (NAFTAL).


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