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In New York it pays to pay

The US are such a big market that besides national LPG associations there are also local, state ones. The New York Propane Gas Association, or NYPGA, has started an incentive program for the residents of the state of New York who choose autogas over petrol. What do you need to qualify?

If you happen to live in the state of New York, the NYPGA offer is definitely worth considering, since the association hands out 5000 dollars per vehicle. To whom? Well, to pretty much anyone who comes to the conclusion that petrol is bad and autogas (or LPG or propane) is better doesn't matter whether you're an individual driver of a private car or if you run a fleet for your business. What do you exactly get the money for? For buying an LPG-powered vehicle or converting one you've already got (car, van, truck, bus, whatever). Any strings attached? Kind of – no matter how many vehicles you've got or plan to purchase, you'll only get the five grands once. Also, the vehicle must be EPA- or CARB-certified, so you can't get a clunker converted – the car must be relatively environmentally friendly even in its petrol-powered guise. And last but not least, the program only runs until the end of 2014, so hurry up and apply soon!

Applicants will also be required to give some feedback in return. For instance, to apply for a grant from the Vehicle Incentive Program you'll have to take a survey, and then another one after a year. The purpose of those surveys is to gather data concerning fuel consumption, engine performance, financial savings and general conclusions. Furthermore, users will be obliged to make monthly mileage and economy reports. The data gathered will be forwarded to vehicle and autogas system manufacturers so that they can draw their own conclusions and use them for future generations of their products. Now that's an example worth following, isn't it?


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Robert Markowski
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