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Switch to LPG pays off bigtime

Should you need another piece of evidence to convince you of just how reasonable it is to switch from conventional fuels to LPG autogas, here it comes – a paratransit company from Oregon, US, has been saving piles of cash since they had their cars converted.

Williamette Valley Medical Transport of Salem, Oregon, is a paratransit company whose 30 vehicles cover distances of approx. 30 thousand miles a year each, even though they only operate within a 120-mile area along the Interstate-5 highway. Even though only 14 vans have been converted to run on LPG so far, the company is reporting 60 thousand dollars in annual fuel cost savings. Per vehicle!

We’re in a position now where I can pay cash for new vehicles instead of financing. Overall, the decision to convert has allowed us to accelerate our growth and this year we’re growing a lot in Portland, about 25-30 percent more than last year.

Tim McClain, founder of Williamette Valley Medical Transport

The converted vans are: three Ford E-150's, eight Ford E-250's, one Ford E-350 and two Chevrolet Express 3500's. The switch process started back in 2012 and, given the savings achieved so far, will not stop until the entire fleet runs on autogas instead of petrol. Williamette Valley Medical Transport uses their own refueling station with a 500-gallon LPG tank, installed by Blue Star Gas, one of Northwest's largest LPG distributors. Are you quite convinced yet? Well, if not, we'll just keep convincing you with more autogas-savings-related news.


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