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Autogas nozzle incentive program approved

The Propane Education & Research Council has approved 10 requests for funding, among them one for an LPG nozzle incentive program. It will help replace old nozzles with new ones – more convenient and more environmentally friendly.
Euroconnector-type LPG refueling nozzle© gazeo.comWill the Euroconnector ultimately prevail as the global autogas refueling standard? We wouldn't mind, but it's too early to tell...

With LPG autogas catching on in the US, particularly as fuel for fleets of vehicles (trucks, buses, vans, taxis, police cars, etc.), refueling infrastructure is developing, too. New stations are built, but also those already in existence and use undergo modifications and modernisations to serve growing numbers of vehicles running on the cheaper, greener fuel. Now that PERC decided to fund the nozzle replacement process, it's going to progress considerably faster.

The money allocated to the initiative is quite substantial – 500 thousand dollars. With it, qualifying marketers will be able to help their customers replace old, worn-out autogas refueling nozzles with new devices to make their use more convenient and safer, as well as to cut LPG emissions occuring during uncoupling nozzles from the valves in the vehicles. We expect many station operators may ditch previously used nozzle types in favour of the growingly popular Euroconnector-type nozzle, which is proving to be very easy to operate and significantly cuts emissions.


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Robert Markowski
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