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500 autogas stations coming to Bangladesh

Yet another country is poised to ditch petrol in favour of LPG autogas. The government of Bangladesh has authorised a local oil company to develop a refueling network over the next two years.
LPG autogas station in Bangladesh© Beximco GroupMotorists all over the world welcome autogas as a very efficient way of cutting their fuel bills. It should be no different in Bangladesh

The stations will be set up by the Beximco Group and the first outlet will launch in July 2016. If everything goes as scheduled, two years from now there will be 500 autogas distribution points across the country. Layout for the stations has been provided by Bangladesh' Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and later the same body will issue licenses for each individual station.

The government decided to start promoting LPG autogas in the face of shrinking supplies of natural gas in the region. According to forecasts and estimates, the autogas market in Bangladesh will grow fast and become strong very soon. This is in no small part due to stability of LPG's price – autogas is expected to remain stable in the next 4 to 5 years, even if oil prices rise globally. Welcome to the family and enjoy your savings!


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